Vision and Mission


Wings of Hope believes in Peace and Hope for all Mankind.

Camp Glow Freshman Class 2013 - Guyana


Wings of Hope delivers Humanitarian programs to the impoverished, to achieve a more Peaceful world. We do whatever is needed, from guidance on requested subjects/services to providing and managing tangible resources designed to enable the poor and needy, or any marginalized citizens, to become active and productive participants in their societies.

We implement our efforts on the front lines of poverty, domestically or internationally, maximizing the impact of Donors' funds.

Our programs include:

  • Health and education systems
  • Sustainable food and water processes
  • Opportunities for family income
  • Community-building
  • Human Conflict Resolution at regional and international levels

Wings of Hope is non-sectarian, non-political, non-racial and accepts all people as equal citizens of the world.


Nobel Peace Prize Medal

Wings of Hope has been nominated several times for this singular Honor. It is our many Supporters who have earned this distinction. Read more...

Our Supporters

  • Elizabeth Dole

    North Carolina

    Your soul can fly no higher than when you have worked to help a child.

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  • Immediate Needs

    • Fire Truck and Paramedic Vans

      WOH has a need for Fire Trucks and Paramedic vans: All types.

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    Their Stories


    Imagine flying over a green carpet which is all the eye can see in any direction. Welcome to the rain forest of the western Amazon. Gradually, in the distance appears a dirt/mud airstrip seemingly cut out of the "carpet". Soon you are landing and being welcomed by the villagers of the Huaroni tribe. More...