Vision and Mission


Wings of Hope believes in Peace and Hope for all Mankind.

Camp Glow Freshman Class 2013 - Guyana


To help the poor with sustainable programs for a more peaceful world.

We implement our efforts on the front lines of poverty, domestically or internationally, maximizing the impact of Donors' funds.
Our programs include:

  • Health and education systems
  • Sustainable food and water processes
  • Opportunities for family income
  • Community-building
  • Human Conflict Resolution at regional and international levels

Wings of Hope is a non-sectarian, non-political 501 (c)(3) organization and accepts all people as equal citizens of the world.


Nobel Peace Prize Medal

Wings of Hope has been nominated several times for this singular Honor. It is our many Supporters who have earned this distinction. Read more...

Our Supporters

  • Roy Clark

    Country Music Legend

    Helping the poor to have a better future won't happen with hand-outs. It will happen by us teaching them to reach self-sufficiency.

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  • Immediate Needs

    • Volunteers for Special Assignments

      WOH is searching for volunteers to fulfill the following positions: Hangar Administrator, A&P Mechanics/Helpers, Spanish speaking, heavy equipment mechanic, Orthopedic Surgeon(s), Office Receptionist, Special Event Manager, Special Project Person.
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    Their Stories


    Guyana is a relatively new country in the southern part of the western hemisphere. Located on the north coast of South America, it was a British and Dutch colony for several centuries before being granted independence in 1966. The native population was originally Amerindian, mostly members of the Wapashani and Wai Wai tribal groups, but now they are joined by descendants of the British and Dutch along with Asian and Africans. More...